Gymnastics Ages 3-18+

SEAL Gymnastics was founded in 1992 right here in Brown County by Robert and Kristin Wade.  SEAL moved into it's current building in 1993.  Robert and Kristin believe that the sport of Gymnastics is a tool to teach children so much more than just a physical activity.  With every new skill learned, a child gains confidence, coordination, agility, strength, balance, and much more.  Our belief is that Gymnastics is the sport of Movement.  The better a person can move, the better he/she will be at every activity.  This is a very small description of the strong and deep belief and passion Robert and Kristin have about coaching children.

The more simple description about Gymnastics at SEAL is that we offer an amazing facility with the very best equipment.  We expect the very best out of our staff and require them to all be USA Gymnastics Certified.  Our classes are FUN, challenging, rewarding, and productive.

SEAL considers it an honor to be trusted with your child.  We take that trust very serious.  It is our sincere goal to give every student an uplifting experience.  Thank you for taking a minute to learn about our program.