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SUMMER CLASS INFO:  SEAL is simply rolling over the classes you see now!!  All of our current students remain enrolled unless you choose to withdraw.  BUT we are offering a BONUS for the Summer!!  The classes you can choose to register for are all in the afternoon, however, each afternoon class will have a morning class time attached to it that our students can attend as well!!  THAT IS 2 FOR 1!! DOUBLE the class time for the price of 1 class!!  Each week it will be your choice to come to the afternoon class, the morning class or both.  This will allow all of our students to get their money worth in classes even if they miss weeks due to traveling or camps, etc.  You can register right now for any class you see online. 

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SEAL is in its 25th YEAR!!

Offering Gymnastics for 3-18 yrs old.  Competition Cheer Teams for ages 4-18.  Gymnastics Team for ages 6-18.   And brand new Ninja Warrior Classes for ages 5-18.

We are making our 25th Year very EXCLUSIVE!!  Very limited space available.  This year is ALL about our Students!

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