Policies and Prices

Rule #1  HAVE FUN!!  Students learn more when they enjoy it!!  This is a tough sport.  There will be times that we push our students and they don't like it.  But we know that the overall feeling needs to be FUN.  Hard Working FUN!

We Pay a monthly fee to use iClassPro, an online gym management program.  We believe it is worth the money we spend every month because it gives you the parent, total control.  You register for a class anytime, you can transfer to a new class, you can view your billing and payments, and you withdraw when you want (by the 15th of the month for the upcoming month).  Once you request a class, you are enrolled until you choose to withdraw (by the 15th of the month for the upcoming month).  SEAL has classes year round.  We modify our schedule a little during the summer but we never miss a month.  Your spot in a class will remain yours for as long as you would like.  The way you withdraw from a class is the same as you register.  Simply go to Enrollments in your parent portal and click withdraw, as long as it is received by the 15th of the month, your tuition for the following month is stopped.  If the drop request is received after the 15th, then your spot in class will remain throughout the following month and then tuition will stop.  That policy allows us about 2 weeks prior to the start of the month to put another student in your place or make coaching and budget adjustments.  Registration, transfers, and withdraw is very easy and is in the hands of the parents.  Please take advantage of the benefits of iClassPro. 

Annual Registration Fee:   $50 per Student, $100 for 2 or more in the same household family.  The registration fee prorates as the school year progresses.Every students registration fee renews at the beginning of the School Year in mid August.

Monthly Tuition: 

Pre-K Gymnastics: $69 per month 45 min per week.  Students can begin when they are 3. (Please also be potty trained). Pre-K students remain in the Pre-K program until they enter Kindergarden.

School Age Gymnastics: $74 per month 1 hour per week. We have classes for students K-College.

Gymnastics TEAM: $135 per month practice 4 hours per week

CheerZone Level 1 Code Blue: $89 per month 1.5 hours per week

CheerZone Level 3 Platinum: $115 per month 2 hours per week

Private Lessons: $25 for Current Enrolled Students.  $35 for non Current Enrolled Students.  30 min one on one.

We do not require you to commit to a multi-month program.  Once you are a student that is YOUR spot.  The process to withdraw from YOUR spot is simple, go to your Parent Portal on our website, click your Enrollments, and send in a drop request.  If this is done by the 15th of the month your tuition will stop and you will not be billed the following month.  If it is after the 15th, you will continue to have your spot in class for the following month and then your tuition will stop.  That allows us about 2 weeks to put another student in your spot or to make coaching and budget adjustments for the upcoming month. 

Parent Viewing of Classes:  We offer a Parent Viewing room.  We have windows that open into our Pre-K Gym and windows that open into our School Age Gym.  Pre-K Class viewing is the FIRST TWO WEEKS of every month.  School Age Class viewing is the LAST TWO WEEKS of every month.   Parents are welcome to hang out in our lobby or they can run errands on the weeks the windows are closed for their child's class. We do this due to the size of the room we have available to view in and also to allow our students to have some practice time where they are not distracted by spectators. 

Returned Payments or Declined Cards:  If your back returns your payment unpaid for whatever reason, there is a $35 fee added.  Your tuition will be sent in the first week of each month.


Student Attire for Class:  The best attire for girls in gymnastics is a leotard.  The best for boys is a tight shirt and shorts.  The reason is that gymnastics is very specific on body position.  There is a huge difference between a slight arch in the back and a slight hollow position in the core.  That is very hard for a coach to see when a student is in a loose t-shirt.  There are also safety considerations with loose t-shirts when it comes to flying up or getting in the way of a coach spotting.  BUT..... we do not make our students get leotards.  You are allowed to wear your choice of attire.  Just please try and make sure that you child is wearing a fitted shirt and shorts if they are not in a leotard.

No Jewelry!! Very important for safety.  As cute as they look with all that bling, it is not safe.  Small studs in the ears are ok.  But necklaces and earrings that dangle are very dangerous for your child.  It can get hung on equipment or on a coach while spotting.

No Gum!!  yuck..... trust me, it comes out.  Even with the rule we still have kids sneak chewing gum and almost every week we find gum on the floor or mats in the gym.  No one wants to do a front roll through a piece of gum!