Birthday Parties

SEAL Hosts a FUN Party!!

We provide:

  • The facility all to yourself 
  • The equipment to jump, roll, slide and climb on
  • Space to eat cake and open gifts
  • FUN staff

You provide: 

  • Cake or any food you want to bring
  • Any decorations you may want to put around the cake area
  • A FUN attitude!!


  • To book your party on a computer, simply click on Parent Log in from our Home Page and then Click Book a Party!
  • To book your party from your phone, click on the blue "click here" button on our Home Page!
  • All parties are hosted on Saturdays
  • We allow the birthday kid plus 20 friends! Parents are free to attend, but must stay off the equipment 

Book today, the spots go fast.  Thanks for considering SEAL for your Party!!